The Impossible Caption Contest

Once a year, a team of demons at The New Yorker provides “cartoons” in need of captions. You, the readers—so full of hope, so charmingly mortal—upset yourselves trying to think of jokes. There are no submissions, no finalists, and no votes, but there are winners: the evil beings who created these uncaptionable images. Good luck!

Snake therapist caveman patient and elephant flying in room.
A potato.
A sign that reads worst caption ever with a down arrow.
Two people sitting on a couch.
Bearded man in a lightbulb.
Comic sans written in Comic Sans font.
Palm tree on island.
Person with smudge on face.
Hand giving the middle finger.
The Impossible Caption Contest
A pie chart with a hole in the middle.
Fly on a banana.
Stick figure.
Eagle with large head regular talons and no body.
A blank Hello My Name Is nametag.
The Impossible Caption Contest
A cat with a fountain pen in its mouth.

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