teytoy Sensory Buckle Pillow for Toddlers Learning fine Motor Skills&Basic Skills, Educational Toddler Travel Toys Montessori Plush Toy for Buckling Threading Counting literacing

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teytoy great sensory buckle pillow toys for toddlersteytoy great sensory buckle pillow toys for toddlers

Comprehensive basic skills learning toys for toddlers

Suitable for toddlers to exercise their basic daily skills when playing, such as dressing and tying shoelaces skills, a variety of play methods greatly enrich the child’s sensory experience. TheSensory Learning Fine Motor Basic Skill Travel Toy for Newborn Baby can improve children’s hands-on skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive skills.

teytoy sensory buckle pillow toyteytoy sensory buckle pillow toy



Teytoy pays attention to the healthy development of children. We hope that every child can have a happy childhood. Therefore, we have been committed to developing products that are beneficial to their body and mind. Teytoy will take care of your children with you.



According to Montessori daily life and sensory education theory, let children learn independently, we made this sensory toy.

“Please help me but let me do it myself”.

As parents, we should help them rather than replace them.

You child will get:

A cute colorful educational toy Buckles, Buttons, Threading, Color alphabet A-ZSoft sense of plush

Fine motor skill & real life skill

Color & alphabet recognition

Sensory training

Busy travel time

teytoy sensory buckle pillow toyteytoy sensory buckle pillow toy


teytoy buckle pillow toy for kidteytoy buckle pillow toy for kid

Close contact with daily life, exercise toddlers’ basic life skills

This sensory travel toy can help toddlers learn life skills such as buttoning buttons, tying shoelaces while they playing.


Exercise better hand-brain coordination and stimulate baby’s brain development

The sensory pillow toy allow toddlers to design different cross-lacing methods to exercise their hand-brain coordination.In addition, the travel toy has straps with velcro on both sides that can be fixed on the edge of the pillow, which is very suitable for children to weave cross laces at will.

teytoy sensory buckle pillow toyteytoy sensory buckle pillow toy

Develop learning and fine motor skills

The alphabet behind the buckle pillow toy can help toddlers recognize words and exercise their cognitive abilities.Six kinds of buckles can make their hands busy and solve all the troubles and boredom during the journey.

[Unisex baby sensory toys] This colorful and soft plush buckle sensory will be your child’s best companion. Both male and female babies will be interested in this feature-rich buckle pillow. There are 6 kinds of buckles, colorful The letters and numbers will entertain and stimulate your child, and promote the development of its brain, vision, and cognitive functions. Your baby can enjoy this Montessori sensory toy indoors, outdoors and during travel.
[Cultivate fine motor skills] Buckles, colored letters and two rows of Velcro on the back can be interspersed with the lace can exercise the baby’s fine motor skills, promote baby’s hand-brain coordination and visual development. There are colorful ABC letters under the cross line like a matching game, which helps babies learn to read. The front of the sensory buckle pillow is also designed with buttons and shoelaces to help babies learn basic life skills such as dressing skills.
[Portable travel toy] The size of this sensory buckle travel pillow for toddlers is 7.4″x7.4″. It is very easy to carry. This buckle pillow is not only suitable for long-term car travel, but also suitable for diaper bags and shopping carts. High chair, car seat. It allows children to concentrate on toys for hours.
[Perfect parent-child interactive gift toy] This well-made sensory buckle will provide your child with a very soft touch. The dense and thick filling is very textured and durable. Great mothers can’t wait to give their babies better gifts. Children can also learn basic life skills with their parents and this toy.
[Great therapy tool] The Montessori sensory pillow is also suitable for children with autism and other defects. Its soft touch is not like other toys that will cause a lot of inconvenience to the child, and it is very convenient for the hands of infants and young children. Although this can be difficult for people who are slow to learn, as long as someone teaches them patiently, children can still get good exercise.


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