Classroom Exit Ticket


“Ticket to leave” (or “exit ticket”) is an ideal way to end a class



Ticket to leave or exit ticket is an ideal way to end a class.
It can serve a number of purposes: provide feedback to the teacher about the class; require the student to do
some synthesis of the day’s content; challenge the student with a question requiring some application of what
was learned in the lesson

Exit tickets can use a variety of question types, for example, some questions might involve a rating scale, another
might be more open-ended asking students to write their specific concerns or ideas or reflection.
Another might ask a student to respond to a specific questions or prompt.

Exit Tickets do not require a grade: because students are not expected to have mastered the topic they just
learned in class the same day. Instead, the purpose is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of students
individually and collectively.

Exit tickets are a formative assessment tool that give teachers a way to assess how well students understand the material they are learning in class. A good exit ticket can tell whether students have a superficial or in-depth understanding of the material.

Exit Tickets for all grades levels:

Elementary ( 5)
Middle Grades (6 – 8)
High School (9 – 12)


110 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
3 Ticket per page


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