Gloria Allred | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 83

Gloria Allred | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 83 Gloria Allred — famed ladies’s rights and discrimination lawyer, founding companion of the legislation agency Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, and the topic of the Netflix documentary “Seeing Allred” — joins Ben to debate sexual harassment, abortion, transgender rights, Trump’s impeachment, and far more.

As has been the case each time I hear Allred communicate, she dismisses and refuses to permit an argument opposite to her opinion. Hers is the blind spiritual fervor, with no evaluation of info.


this was a really combative dialog. Not consistent with most different conversations. nonetheless she appeared like she knew the reply to his questions and selected to not reply


this woman is pure evil


Alred, a couple of half 1,000,000 little ladies get killed via abortion yearly? Do their rights imply nothing to you?


The evil nature of abortion could not be any clearer after listening to Alred speak about abortion. She wouldnt reply a query then blamed Ben for not answering. She makes use of her age, lack of faith, and gender the middle of her argument. Yikes!


Comment by Biff

Make porn unlawful and loads of this goes away….


@user-142146827 to which he ket her go… id assumer the primary motive his viewers requested her was for her stance on abortion as a result of it was a sizzling button query and have a rjsk of volitility he waited for the tip to ask and quahed again on her


@user-142146827 there have been a number of factors on this interview previous to the abortion query that he requested laborious questions and he or she uncared for to reply the foundation if them and answered then vagulg and in one other durection away from the foundation query


@user-976742002 yep. quite a few occasions on this interview, I discovered myself saying, “OK, boomer…”


Comment by C.A.

does it sound to anybody else that she’s caught within the 70s?


Comment by Core

@tai-guys: More or much less pulling rank on him to dismiss his factors and persist with her personal.


wow, that is a low shot…her dismissiveness is disgusting


many ladies have already got died on the abortion desk, whats her protection now?


If Ben desires the Sunday Special to be a “conversation,” he actually wants to observe his tone. This episode takes a flip for a trainwreck at this mark within the episode. Ben is all the time saying he treats his dissenting company nicely, however this ending was horrible


seems like we acquired some ageism going….


appears like a typical blind militant feminist who wasn’t ready for being interviewed by somebody smarter than her.


she was actually fascinating up till abortion acquired introduced up. Discard all professional life arguments as a result of she by some means thinks solely males are professional life. Or disregard them as a result of she thinks they’re all faith based mostly. Or disregard due to age.


this ladies has no solutions for his questions.


Interesting interview, however you may inform she a lawyer, she avoids all questions she is aware of she will be able to’t win. Specifically, within the case of abortion, I believe this lady is evil.


She’s kinda sexist, loads of males have been victims of sexual assault


Comment by Toby

Great present ben!


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