Gender and Intersectionality

Learn how gender intersects with cultural and social ideas

In this course you’ll learn the way gender intersects with class, sexuality, faith, nationalism and equality to achieve a deeper understanding concerning the dynamics in up to date societies all over the world. The course, that’s supplied by University of Iceland, is a well-researched primer to gender research as a scientific self-discipline. The course will draw on a wide range of supplies together with literature, web sites, articles, audio and visible texts about gender in several settings. Using examples from widespread tradition, classical literature, and historical past, this course will train you the best way to analyze spiritual texts and traditions, class divisions, racial inequality, sexualities, and nationalism by a gendered lens.

In the primary week the course will discover intersections between gender and faith, together with how gendering the idea of god shapes the collective human id. The second week of the course will have a look at the implications of gender and sophistication with emphasis on probably the most influential feminist actions. The third week of the course is devoted to gender and race. In this week you’ll look at the gendered building of black and white our bodies in tradition and historical past, and on the idea of orientalism in addition to the social influence of racial profiling on women and men. The fourth week of the course will discover ideas about gender and sexuality and ask questions resembling: Do we have to reinvent sexuality? The fifth week of the course can be coping with gender and nationalism taking a deeper have a look at concepts about racial purity, nostalgia and the so-called ‘culture wars’ from a gendered perspective. In the ultimate week of the course you’ll discover how gender pertains to equality and hint concepts about equality and gender again by historical past in several cultures and legal guidelines.

This course takes roughly six weeks to finish with a weekly dedication of 2-5 hours. The course is accessible without spending a dime to audit. Participants can opt-in for a verified certificates for an additional payment. The course is taught by Dr. Giti Chandra, Senior Researcher and Lecturer with the Gender Equality Studies and Training (GEST) programme and Dr. Thomas Brorsen Smidt, analysis supervisor with the GEST programme.

University of Iceland
2-Four hours (per week)
6 Weeks

Disclosure: Human Rights Careers could also be compensated by course suppliers.

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