Ep. 962 – Putting the Panic in Pandemic

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Ep. 962 - Putting the Panic in Pandemic Democrats blame Trump for a pandemic that hasn’t occurred but, Biden goals for a South Carolina comeback, and Bernie’s file simply retains getting worse. Check out The Cold War: What We Saw, a brand new podcast written and offered by Bill Whittle at https://www.dailywire.com/coldwar. In Part 1 we peel again the layers of thriller cloaking the Terror state run by the Kremlin, and watch as America takes its first small steps onto the stage of world management. If you want The Ben Shapiro Show, turn out to be a member TODAY with promo code: SHAPIRO and benefit from the unique advantages for 10% off at https://www.dailywire.com/Shapiro

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Ben, I like you

The prime 1 of 1% listens to The Ben Shapiro Show!

Why is every little thing now an existential menace??

Doesn’t it make a distinction that Dr. Nancy, CDC spokesperson, is Rod Rosenstein’s solely sister? POTUS might be just a little gun shy in saying it is inevitable.

Ben, males dont put on “pretty” watches.


Comment by Bored

My boy Benny Shap!

Comment by Bored

Benny Shap!

Where’s the logic in blaming Trump for the Corona Virus?

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