Ep. 918 – The Poop Hits The Sidewalk

Ep. 918 - The Poop Hits The Sidewalk The Supreme Court provides the go-ahead to sleeping on the streets, Democrats have the votes for impeachment, and Rudy claims he’s received the products on Joe and Hunter Biden. Can’t get sufficient of The Ben Shapiro Show? Enjoy ad-free reveals, stay discussions, and extra by changing into an ALL ACCESS member TODAY at: https://dailywire.com/Shapiro

How about DeNiros character from Machete? In reality, thats in all probability precisely how they view Trump


is it authorized to make use of a cattle prod on homeless folks blocking your retailer


Why would I need to be accountable, and legally and financially accountable, if I haven’t got the corresponding authority? I’ll conform to maintain a household, or partner, when the household courtroom and no fault divorce legal guidelines are abolished. I’m not holding my breath.


So now conservatives are vile enablers?


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