Ep. 902 – The Dog That Didn’t Bark

Ep. 902 - The Dog That Didn’t Bark A would-be dogfight turns into a bunch hug, and Democrats’ impeachment efforts transfer ahead. Date: 11-21-2019

Is Joe’s schtick all simply “I’m old”?


Its like there weren’t mass shootings throughout Obama’s administration…


Comment by Degz

@vera-ikaro-dragon-mom da fuk?


Slapping a human face on an anthropromophic animal, destroys the purpose of 1. Give it a muzzle a cat nostril and feline eyes. Maybe even digitigrade legs. Thats a real hybrid anthro.


“Sexy cats” Ben, I’m a furry, a sexual deviant. I’ve sexual curiosity in (clever) legendary animals and precise anthro promorphic animals. I’ve an anthro cat character. But these… Those cats, they’re my sleep paralysis demon made flesh.


Comment by Thor

by free loading she means its not honest that the underside 99 pay 7.2% complete wealth and the highest 1 pay 3.2% complete wealth. which is a good level, however actually shouldn’t be used for setting revenue tax charges.


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