Ep. 900 – Leaning Left And Letting Fly

Ep. 900 - Leaning Left And Letting Fly Barack Obama warns Democrats that in the event that they transfer too far Left, they’ll lose – however will they hear? Plus, Eric Swalwell denies it, however did he provide it? Date: 11-19-2019

Obama is not telling them to not be left. He’s telling them to not be left So Fast. “The frogs are starting to notice the temperature…”


Pron. “Paul Go-GAN”


who. cares.


Comment by Thor

There’s an precise stable level, 🙂


Comment by Thor

Can we kick you out of your property in California as a result of traditionally it wasn’t your property for 1000’s of years?


Comment by Thor

moderately irrelevant , pre 1965 it was a unique nation.


Comment by Thor

Private fairness corporations mortgage cash to companies, a lot for the concept that its the rich utilizing their very own cash to do this …


and cue race card!


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