Ep. 894 – Eat The Rich

Ep. 894 - Eat The Rich Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax is a full-scale catastrophe, Bernie campaigns with AOC, and Democrats open up the general public impeachment hearings. Date: 11-11-2019

Comment by Thor

And a ton of nook {hardware} shops went out of enterprise. all of the oblique enterprise moved from Ace, thirfty and many others, to serving residence depot and lowes


Comment by Thor

Yes, nonetheless they’re solely in a Symbiotic relationship out of want. first probability to off brief, out supply, sub contract, or automate away jobs, Big corporations do. trigger they do not care about creating jobs, they care about creating earnings.


Comment by Thor

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and many others. each single 12 months their wealth goes up, even with them donating plenty of cash. they’ll afford it.


Comment by Thor

all taxes are a seizure of wealth. Income tax wasn’t even a factor till 106 years in the past. we used to run off of tarrifs. possibly we should always transfer away from revenue tax to a wealth tax.


Comment by Thor

True is a good present, surprisingly


Comment by Thor

Billionaires are created due to our system of Capitalism. Sure they most likely have to be within the prime half of intelegence, however previous that its not as a result of they’re considerably tougher working, smarter, gifted than others.


Comment by Thor

Same message, totally different phrases. prime 1% of wage earners have 90% of the revenue however pay 40% of revenue tax


Comment by Thor

so the underside 90%, which has 5% of the revenue is paying 35% of the Tax. Every time you attempt to cry concerning the wealthy paying taxes you lose me Ben


Comment by Thor

backside 90% averages 35Ok a 12 months . prime 10% averages 335Ok a 12 months


Comment by Thor

Epstein did not kill himself (neither one) and the Rich make 90% of the revenue and pay possibly 90% of the taxes.


no as a result of im celiac


lay zay truthful


actual world pretend information by the standard suspects


If that ever occurred, I’d be first in line to storm the WH and drag her sorry ass out by the hair


Oh God! Can you think about each of them operating collectively, Bernie lastly dies after which AOC turns into president by default?


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