Ep. 886 – Democrats’ Magical Impeachment Misdirection

Ep. 886 - Democrats' Magical Impeachment Misdirection Democrats name Republicans’ bluff on impeachment procedures, an American army member blasts Trump over Ukraine, and an Obama official requires rewriting the First Amendment. Date: 10-30-2019

No provides a shit what polls say. No one.

you inform them brother these youngsters have to go away earlier than the canine will get them. additionally what’s a vpn, anybody need to share

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eeeks i dunno if i can pay attention :O

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5 to 10% positive, however clearly, not everybody generally is a prime wage earner. we cannot have a society the place 100% is a enterprise proprietor.

wow, that asshat has balls of titanium…

ugh this once more

I believe you imply Richard Stengel, not Engel…I simply seemed it up. Just FYI.

till ultimately that does not go far sufficient as a result of human greed can by no means be sated.

no, it will not you grasping bastards

how can he say it;s not truthful or equal? everybody can entry fb and social media.

New York is a cesspool of idiocy

oddly particular

Let me promote you bias in opposition to liberals and in addition weapons. What a harmful and becoming combo. Mother fucker.

He is aware of sufficient to go earlier than Congress and testify to his considerations about our nationwide safety on account of Trump’s corruption.

A Fox News decide agreed that Dems are continuing appropriately with the investigation. In a felony case, prosecutors accumulate proof in secret, to then use publicly in court docket. Republicans know this and are nonetheless making an enormous deal out of nothing b/c in addition they know Trump is responsible. Whining about process and never the substance of the costs is their solely recourse and it is a dropping battle. I am unable to wait to see Trump and each Republican who defended him go down in historical past as traitors.

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