Ep. 883 – Choose Your Own Ukraine Adventure

Ep. 883 - Choose Your Own Ukraine Adventure Trump’s DOJ opens a felony probe into the Trump-Russia investigation, we lay out the 2 theories of Trump’s Ukraine actions, and new developments within the case of a 7-year-old boy being handled as a woman by his mother. Date: 10-25-2019

Comment by Thor

Does Ben simply not work on mondays anymore?

Fantastic perspective will subscribe!

how in regards to the third choice the place Trump thinks he is doing what’s greatest for the nation. For Fox sake can we give him the advantage of the doubt one day out of a thousand

they already knew from God to not eat from that tree, Eve defined it pretty plainly when Satan talked to her. The option to sin(disobey God) was all the time there

I loved Bens evaluation right here

You failed to handle the actual fact with out information of fine or evil, they could not truly select to obey God or not, as a result of they had been simply silly youngsters.

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