Ep. 877 – The Democrats’ LGBT Town Hall

Ep. 877 - The Democrats’ LGBT Town Hall All the Democrats needed to do was not be loopy and divisive. They could not do it. Date: 10-11-2019

I establish as somebody who’s owed half of all SJWs’ revenue.


America is..presently like spoiled youngsters at BUFFET arguing who has greatest dessert concepts…whereas remainder of WORLD watches by means of the window




dont attribute malice when you possibly can attribute stupidity. lmao… ben turns into right lastly when his sensibilities are harm. lastly saying that THEY are immoral to the CORE. not simply generally, or lacking the mark blah blah blah. malice is simply it.


@allan-knowles-743406434 i laughed out loud at that second.


I like offended Ben!


preserve going, Democrats, 2020 goes to be enjoyable


Hell yeah ben!


Mr Potato Head would not get to “allow” a rattling factor


RIGHT ON RIGHT ON!!! You are ON FIRE right now, sir! I really feel the identical method! Don’t cram it down our throats & I’d additionally stroll over damaged glass to vote the OPPOSITE method from the idiocy represented in that CNN Town Hall final evening. Thanks, Ben!


“Ecce, vere Israëlita, in quo dolus non est!”


Beto: I believe we must always tax establishments that discriminate in opposition to homosexual folks. Ben: I WILL SHOOT BETO IN THE FACE


How dare the left demand LBGT folks be handled as equal residents. Please, somebody consider the poor non secular varieties which have brazenly discriminated and oppressed homosexual folks for hundreds of years with out repercussions. Who do they assume they’re telling us not decide them?! We are the non secular proper and we all know what’s greatest and good for everybody!


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