Ep. 876 – A Real Constitutional Crisis

Ep. 876 - A Real Constitutional Crisis The Trump administration pledges to stonewall Congress, Hillary Clinton indicators some curiosity in 2020, and the Turks start their assault on the Kurds. Date: 10-10-2019

the denocrats are continuously selling unlawful deep state actions, whereas propping up pretend accusations, all whereas loving to kill infants.




Great episode! Thank you for stating the essential variations between inquiries and trials, amongst different vital authorized information. And thanks for attempting to keep up a principled stance within the face of criticism from all sides! One factor I want we may all bear in mind is that if we really need to clear up the swamp, we have now to be keen to carry even our personal aspect to account. And sure, Democrats shall be faster to level out Republican misdeeds than Republicans shall be; and Republicans could have a sharper eye for Democrat failings than Democrats will. So if we actually care about preventing corruption, we will not throw out complaints simply because we do not just like the supply.


it isn’t that critics thought he was being literal…it is very unusual habits


Go to Joe 303303…


When are you gonna admit that the democrats threw the structure out the window the minute Trump grew to become president.


Really getting uninterested in you lending any credibility to all of the b.s. the democrats maintain throwing at Trump.


It looks as if you’re defending Adam Schitt. Ben plz…


The letter is only a political response to a politically motivated impeachment inquiry. Stop attempting to learn it legally and possibly do not maintain giving Dems the good thing about the doubt whereas assuming the worst of the Trump administration.


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