Ep. 870 – Is The Democratic Theory Already Collapsing?

Ep. 870 - Is The Democratic Theory Already Collapsing? Impeachment strikes ahead, however what if there isn’t any cover-up or quid professional quo? Plus, Trump calls a whistleblower a “spy.” Date: 09-27-2019

treason is simply towards a overseas nation we’re at struggle with in line with the structure


Comment by Thor

Whoops there …


Comment by Thor

I feel will probably be identical to “OJ” they will not have the ability to convict him even when he has achieved numerous dangerous stuff


Sheesh, Ben! I’m a Dad of three & now you simply made ME cry w/ that “Hook” clip! Sheesh!


Comment by Thor

Well if somebody feels Trump is abusing energy to assist is re-election efforts, the impeachment course of must occur now. from what i at the moment know proper now, i might not vote to question him personally.


every little thing’s an act of treason to this freaking cartoon of an individual


in fact she believes it, no matter whether or not it is true


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