Ep. 861 – Kavanaugh II: The Revenge

Ep. 861 - Kavanaugh II: The Revenge Democrats name for Kavanaugh’s impeachment over one other imprecise allegation, Joe Biden slugs it out with the media over race, and Iran targets Saudi Arabia. Date: 09-16-2019

Ben broke up with Bootyjudge to turn out to be a Yangbanger


wow the conceitedness and condescension is staggering. POS…


yea rbg ain’t received lengthy


if shes so sure he lied then why is he on the courtroom now? you’d suppose different members of that circus would’ve been good sufficient to see such a factor occuring.


Me thinks this implies RBG isnt doing effectively OR some indictments are about to be handed out concerning Russiagate


liar of the damnable kind


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