Ep. 852 – Red Flags Everywhere

Ep. 852 - Red Flags Everywhere Another mass capturing rocks Texas, Hurricane Dorian good points steam, and Hollywood celebs targets anybody who backs Trump. Date: 09-03-2019

heavy stuff…i had a dream 2 days earlier than the beltway sniper obtained caught and it was reflective of a black man in my dream


destroyed with information and logic


the general public would not must know a rattling factor


what number of personal ak-47s? geez…


Even if he had handed a background examine and obtained the gun legally, that does not show that we want stricter gun legal guidelines. This individual is committing a criminal offense once they homicide somebody. That legislation already is not stopping this from occurring. More legal guidelines aren’t going to cease homicide. People are violent and generally they’ll snap and damage individuals. It’s unavoidable.


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