Ep. 840 – Solve Your Own Problems. The Government Won’t.

Ep. 840 - Solve Your Own Problems. The Government Won't. Ben developments on Twitter (thanks for the sign enhance, Media Matters!), the economic system continues to teeter, and one other mass capturing takes place in Philadelphia. Date: 08-15-2019

@person722844643: Moscow Mitch refuses to let any type of gun management invoice to see the sunshine of day in Congress and his GOP cronies observe his lead.


@teraphim-4: There are 1,000,000 the explanation why individuals cannot discover higher than minimal wage jobs which can be out of their management. It just isn’t their fault, the fault lies with corporations paying politicians tens of millions of {dollars} a yr to maintain wages low. Why ought to they ask for charity when the American authorities has the sources to not solely help them however make life extra truthful and simpler for it is residents?


@person159064463 Nice.


@allan-knowles-743406434 Then why are you working a minimal wage job? Search for a greater one. Or should you merely cannot present a extra priceless service, ask for charity, however cease making an attempt to make use of the federal government’s weapons to steal from others.


@person159064463: respect.


whining about low pay is for individuals who do not have the balls to higher their state of affairs.


manufacturing facility job on the facet. two eight hour shifts. 5 days per week. I’ve been promoted since that interval I’ve began a dopshipping enterprise, and now I’m center class working 2 at residence jobs and have by no means been happier.


No, they don’t seem to be the heroes. They are the individuals who haven’t been promoted, chosen one other firm that pays increased, and even transfer from the world to get a greater job. I’ve labored at taco bell, making the 12.00 minimal in California. I additionally labored a










good riddance


oh gaawwddd…


Don’t reside past your means?! He has to know that minimal wage from a full time job leaves individuals at a under poverty stage and nonetheless spouts that crap. “They’re heroes of the free market!” Fuck you Ben they’re wage slaves making an attempt to feed their households.


What he mentioned yesterday sounds simply as shitty because it does immediately. “Don’t take a job that doesn’t pay enough” is simple to say for a Harvard educated political pundit who’s married to a health care provider. What an ass.


I understood too.


I, a traditional particular person, understood what he was saying


@person722844643: Are you sure she hasn’t already tried and is being met with resistance?


Does anybody else see the irony that Kamala Harris is in congress and he or she says that it is congress’s fault that there have not been any gun legal guidelines handed? Why would not she do one thing about it? She’s within the legislative department proper now; the department of the federal government that drafts and passes legal guidelines!


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