Ep. 838 – The Fredo Slur

Ep. 838 - The Fredo Slur Is Trump pushing tradition wars, or are Democrats? Plus, updates on the Jeffrey Epstein case, and Chris Cuomo confronts a heckler. Date: 08-13-2019

Paper straws cant be recycled, many plastic ones can.


punk-ass bitches!


Great reference with the Rocketeer.


sadly, if I ever run into Chris Cuomo, I just about need to name him Fredo now


You missed a bunch of audio, Ben! I heard far more & the man gave the impression of he really thought his title was Fredo. The “heckler” was a lot friendlier within the audio Rush performed this morning than the clip you’ve got. Anyway, love your present & I hear on a regular basis.


hahaha troll degree 100


I would like to look at “The Godfather” once more, apparently.


“Last night’s chicken alFREDO feels like an INFESTATION on my SHITHOLE.” <<< Racism LOL


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