Ep. 829 – Fight Night 2, Round 1: It’s On!

Ep. 829 - Fight Night 2, Round 1: It’s On! Democrats cut up between the radicals and the sane, Sanders and Warren group up towards the moderates, and Marianne Williamson comes away with a shock victory. Date: 7-31-2019

Was the wall not coverage?


Don Lemon is simply unbearable. He is so biased and shouldn’t be anyplace close to a debate moderation panel. If CNN would cease propping him on the market for these sorts of issues they might at the very least look extra goal than they do now.


I disagree together with your rock and jazz comparision


Go Don Lemon. I steadily ask myself “How do Trump supporters live with themselves” however that is not a query for a presidential debate.


What knowledge is he referencing when he says WIlliamson is profitable over the hearts of Dems and moderates? None. This is all conjecture and nay saying.


“dark psychic energy?” what???


haha you possibly can’t even work out what the definition of man and lady are!


“the sun is the only body capable of warming our universe” HuRr hUrR sCiEnCe


is Michael actually that disagreeable? lul


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