Ep. 827 – Just Because Trump Said It Doesn’t Make It Racist

Ep. 827 - Just Because Trump Said It Doesn’t Make It Racist President Trump slams Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, Democrats rush to declare racism, and President Obama lastly chimes in. Date: 7-29-2019

THis is such a nasty religion arguement. People say Trump is racist as a result of he has a protracted historical past of calling folks of coloration degrading, subhuamn names or varied kinds of animals. He is aware of his base is rooted in white supremacy, so this can be a not-so-subtle nod to their bigoted views. Racists can eat it up and hoot and holler about their KKK president whereas quasi-intellectual conservatives can dither about whether or not or not that is actually racsit and enjoyment of main folks astray from the reality, which is Trump is a fucking bigot and is aware of precisely what he’s doing. And the worst half is you’ve gotten shills like Ben working cowl for him. Pathetic.


This is not actually information worthy, it is simply the usual leftist playbook: You disagree with us? Racist!


The left does the identical factor Ben, they simply use the US, not one in every of their crappy cities.


haha these tears are so faux.


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