Ep. 821 – The Bad Faith Olympics

Ep. 821 - The Bad Faith Olympics Trump disavows the “send her back” crowd chant, Democrats lament John McCain, and the Squad continues its radical push. Date: 07-19-2019

“Halcyon days” used completely accurately! I’m so pleased with you, Ben! (Seriously, when Ben will get issues incorrect, he really tries to appropriate himself. Bless him!)


a man named Mindy?


rattling proper. Adams was the person.


each time Schumer speaks it sounds so scripted and faux. I feel he is a “Damned Liar” as Ben would put it.


yeah, an grownup would have that concept already


you first, Don Lemon, you are the worst of it


Bad Ben, you have been actually harping on Trump over this an excessive amount of. And you have not talked about that his tweets have lined over his govt order on immigration.


13 seconds of those two not talking is the neatest both of them may be.


I do know someone who has Ring and says it would not work in any respect.


A second technology Somali who says the Black Hawk navy staff have been the enemies and the battle lord ravenous the Somali folks was the hero could also be an American citizen. So was Benedict Arnold.That seems like treason to me. A documentary, not simply the film, exhibits a number of the Black Hawk staff misplaced their lives and had their our bodies desecrated like Hector by Achilles.


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