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Printable pages for an 6″x 9″ Christmas/Holiday Card Tracker

This 108 web page makes a novel print-on-demand 6″x9″ tracker. There are Four pages per alphabet letter, every web page holds three prompts. That’s a complete of 312 contacts to trace the sending and receiving of playing cards for as much as 5 years.


– A “Title/Belongs To” web page with prompts for title and date vary.

– A 4-page unfold for letter of the alphabet. Each web page holds prompts for three contacts together with their title, handle, 12 months, despatched, obtained, and a brief be aware. That equals 12 contacts/alphabet letter.
– Each contact web page has an alphabet letter within the higher nook. This allows you to simply find every contact by merely flipping by way of the pages.
– 2 “Notes” pages on the finish of the e-book.

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