The Music Box

When Lisa Ziegert is abducted during her evening shift at a gift shop, local detectives, state police and the FBI work relentlessly to find her. Her family keeps the case in the public eye for …

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The Pink Skirt Plot

The murder of a young businessman in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico marks the start of a 15-year-long hunt to find the killer. As his devoted father’s quest for justice uncovers secrets and spans continents, …

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Deadly Intent

In this Dateline traditional, a automotive bomb explodes in entrance of a suburban San Diego day care house. Josh Mankiewicz experiences on the motive force, a married mom of three kids. Originally aired on NBC …

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The House on Badger Lane

In this Dateline classic, the three young children of a couple who live in a gated community in California hear a thump one morning that becomes the first clue in a mystery that will expose …

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Hinckley: Diary of a Dangerous Mind

Recently uncovered pages from the diary of John Hinckley Jr, written after his arrest for the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, are revealed. Troy Roberts reports. Originally aired on NBC on August 26, 2019.

The Match

In this Dateline classic, a high school girl, who was nearly beaten to death in her own home, goes under hypnosis in an attempt to identify her attacker. Andrea Canning reports. Originally aired on NBC …

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Secrets & Lies

In this Dateline classic, a woman is found dead in the debris of her house that burned to the ground early one frigid morning in a small rural New York town. Andrea Canning reports. Originally …

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In this Dateline classic, a home in Kentucky is ravaged by fire in the middle of the night. Firefighters work their way to the master bedroom where they make a grisly discovery. Dennis Murphy reports. …

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The House in the Woods

In this Dateline classic, a former hockey player discovers his wife murdered in their own home. His young daughter says she saw a robber, but the killer’s true identity turns out to be far more …

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Return to the House of Secrets

Cornell student and star athlete Charlie Tan excels in everything. But when he gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation, the community is left in shock. Dennis Murphy reports on the final twist in …

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