5 Essays About Xenophobia

The phrase “xenophobia” has ties to the Greek phrases “xenos,” which suggests “stranger or “guest,” and “phobos,” which suggests “fear” or “flight.” It is sensible that right now we outline “xenophobia” as a worry or hatred of strangers or foreigners. Xenophobia has at all times existed, however the world has skilled a surge in recent times. The essays described on this article present examples of xenophobia, its ties to anti-immigration and nationalism, and the way ailments like COVID-19 set off prejudice.

Abdi Latif Dahir  | Quartz Africa

Between March 29-April 2 in 2019, violence broke out in a South African municipality. Foreign nationals had been focused. Even although folks had been killed and companies looted and destroyed, the police didn’t make any arrests. This represents a sample of violence towards foreigners who’re largely migrants from different locations in Africa. Reporter Abdi Latif Dahir explains that these latest assaults are primarily based on a perception that migrants trigger South Africa’s financial and social issues. In this text from Quartz Africa, he outlines what individuals are blaming migrants for. As an instance, whereas politicians declare that migrants are burdening the nation, the information reveals that migrants make up a really small share of the nation.

Abdi Latif Dahir stories for Quartz Africa and speaks a number of languages. He additionally holds a grasp’s of arts diploma in political journalism from Columbia University.

Raveena Chaudhari | The Red and Black

Nationalism is on the rise in lots of nations world wide, together with the US. The election of Donald Trump signaled a resurgence in nationalism, together with white nationalism. In her essay, Raveena Chaudhari explains that far-right politics have been gaining steam in Western Europe because the 1980s. The US is simply following the development. She additionally makes use of the phrases “patriotism,” which is a crucial a part of the American id, and “nativism,” which is carefully linked to a worry of immigrants and variety. Xenophobia simply emerges from these concepts. Minorities really feel the results of an increase in nationalism most keenly. Raveena Chaudhari is a junior accounting main and employees author for The Red and Black, a nonprofit company that circulates the biggest faculty newspaper in Georgia. For 87 years, it operated below the University of Georgia however is now impartial of the school.

Daniel Denvir | Jacobin

In this essay, writer Daniel Denvir digs into the background of President Trump’s anti-immigration insurance policies. At the time of this piece’s writing, the Supreme Court had allowed the administration to exclude sure teams from getting into the United States. The journey ban has been labeled the “Muslim ban.” Where did these anti-immigrant views come from? They aren’t unique to Donald Trump. Denvir outlines the historical past of racist and xenophobic insurance policies that paint immigrants as a menace to America. Knowing that these views are ingrained in American society is essential if we wish change.

Daniel Denvir is the host of “The Dig” on Jacobin Radio and the writer of All-American Nativism, a critique of nativists and reasonable Democrats.

Jeffrey Friedman | Niskanen Center

If you’re not sure what the distinction is between nationalism and xenophobia, this essay will help make clear issues. Written in 2017, this piece begins by inspecting surveys and research measuring how xenophobic Trump supporters are. They additionally discover the the explanation why folks oppose unlawful/authorized immigration. The core of the essay, although, takes a have a look at nationalism vs. xenophobia. While completely different, Friedman argues that they’re each irrational. The distinction is essential because it reveals frequent floor between Trump supporters and Trump opponents. What does this imply?

Jeffrey Friedman is a visiting scholar within the Charles and Louise Tarver Department of Political Science on the University of California. He’s additionally an editor and writer.

Jasmine Aguilera | Time

As COVID-19 spreads all through the world, there’s been a surge in racism towards folks of Asian descent. In her essay, Jasmine Aguilera relates examples of this discrimination, in addition to responses as folks take to social media to fight xenophobia. Reacting with racism to a illness shouldn’t be a brand new phenomenon. It’s occurred prior to now with SARS, Ebola, and H1N1. Society at all times appears for a scapegoat and minorities often endure. This has an influence on a inhabitants’s well being, livelihood, and security.

Jasmine Aguilera is a contributor to Time Magazine. She has written a number of articles about COVID-19 for the publication.

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