monkeypox live report visualizations MonkeypoxTracker Bootstrap Monkeypox Outbreak Live Tracker MonkeypoxTracker Home France World À propos Nombre de cas en France 1 cas confirmé a été recensé en France. Source : Santé publique France Nombre de cas dans le monde Source : BNO News À propos Monkeypox est une maladie infectieuse, caractérisée par une éruption cutanée survenant quelques jours après une apparition de fièvre. La maladie peut durer 2 à 3 semaines. Plus d’informations sur le site du gouvernement.

cases of monkeypox worldwide the latest countries to confirm cases of monkeypox Monkeypox virus (MPXV) Monkeypox virus (MPXV) Last update: 22/05/2022 What is monkeypox? Transmission (how do you get monkeypox?) Incubation period Monkeypox virus infection symptoms and clinical signs Mortality: Is monkeypox virus deadly? Prevention Treatments, cures 2022 Monkeypox Outbreak news Pictures Contact What is monkeypox? Monkeypox is a zoonotic viral disease, endemic in western and central Africa, which circulates in wild animal hosts and emerges periodically to affect humans, captive or wild nonhuman primates, and other species, particularly rodents. Congo Basin monkeypox viruses are particularly virulent, with human case fatality rates in parts of Africa estimated to be around 10%. West African viruses tend to cause milder disease; however, deaths are seen occasionally in young children, individuals with secondary bacterial sepsis or rare complications such as encephalitis, and people who are immunosuppressed. Transmission (how do you get monkeypox?) Monkeypox viruses has been…

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